Day 17 : Chest and Triceps

So here’s what I’m thinking.  I’m a girl of routine, a create of habit.  In  my OCD an ideal world I could post an update everyday at the same time, following some sort of pattern.  But let’s be real, that’s not going to happen.  There are going to be days where I slack, days where my posts are phenomenal and days where you just get to learn a little bit about yours truly.  In a nutshell I like to eat, I like to laugh, I love taking pictures, I tend to bitch (sorry friends and family), and I like to work out.  So why shouldn’t my blog reflect that?!   The following are going to be my ‘dailys’ – something you can hopefully rely on during the week.  As for the weekends, well that’s fair game!

Moment Monday

Tone it Tuesday

What I Ate Wednesday

Thursday Thoughts

Five Fact Friday

So there it is, the line up of all line ups.  Watch out blogging world.. I’m onto you!  Since I just realized that I missed Monday (way to go me) I’m going to start with Tone it Tuesday!

I hit the gym this morning to complete day 17 of Jamie Eason’s Body Building 12 Week Program.  I decided to try this workout program a few weeks back after wanting to change up my normal routine at the gym (shocking!).  Verdict so far… LOVE.  And if I can have her banging body by the end, count me in!


Today’s workout looked like this:

Wide Pushups 3S – 10R 10 L 10 L 10 L
Incline Dumbbell Press 3S – 10R 15 x 10 20 x 10 20 x 10
Flat Bench Flies (Machine Flies) 3S – 10R 12 x 10 12 x 10 12 x 10
Decline Flies 3S – 10R 12 x 10 12 x 10 12 x 10
Bench Dips (Bar Dips) 3S – 10R 0 x 10 0 x 10 0 x 10
Lying EZ-Bar Triceps Extensions 3S – 10R 0 x 10 20 x 10 20 x 10
Dumbbell Triceps Kickback 3S – 10R 10 x 10 10 x 10 10 x 10
Overhead Two Handed Triceps Extension 3S – 10R 10 x 10 12 x 10 12 x 10
Cable One Arm Triceps Extension 3S – 10R 20 x 10 20 x 10 20 x 10

Please refrain from making fun of me for my weights, I’m only on week three!!  Anyways, this morning’s workout was great.  I incorporated a few new moves since week 2 and I’m already feeling stronger.

Question of the Day:  What are your current workouts?

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4 thoughts on “Day 17 : Chest and Triceps

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