Frosty Fail

1. ONE.MORE.MONTH. The Hunger Games.  YES.  Now, who’s going with me?


Katniss - Source

2. Find out the hard way this morning that Wendy’s is not open until 10:30 AM.  Buzzkill. Truth be told, I went there on my way to work this morning hoping to cash in on a Free Jr Frosty.  Yes, 8:30 AM attempt for a frosty.  Guilty.   I’m pretty sick (2nd time this month) and just wanted something cold and tasty.  You better believe I will be cashing in on my way home from work.

3. Last night I was feeling so crappy I couldn’t even make it through Grey’s Anatomy. Passed right out.   How can I possibly be sick again?  I even got the flu shot!

4. I went to see The Vow on Tuesday night with my girlfriends Brit, Lisa, Katy and Shell and just about everyone cried.  I’ll even admit to getting a little teary-eyed.  Not sobbing like 2 others in our group, but misty for sure.  It was a cute movie and I’m glad I got to spend some time with the gals.  I thought the movie was good, but not great.  I think if I went into it without such high expectations I would have thought more of it.  Ever find yourself in that situation before?  My mom went to see it last night with some of her friends from work and I caught up with her this morning and she said she loved it!  She also had zero idea what it was about beforehand.

5. Most friday nights you would find me out to dinner with all of my friends.  Tonight, I doubt I’ll be joining my friends.  I’m just exhausted and should probably try to keep my germs to myself.  Anyone have any remedies to get rid of the flu? I’m really struggling over here.


Question of the day:  Apparently the Oscars are this weekend – does anyone plan to watch them?

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