So it’s no secret that I haven’t been feeling well.  And thanks to social media, I can update you all on how miserable I can be when I’m sick.   Thank you Twitter and Facebook 😉 …and that’s when I received this notification..

why the face?

makes me laugh every time!!

And then yesterday this happened.

Nothing can replace kind words from a friend. I’ve been practicing random acts of kindness during lent, and I’ve really reflected on how telling a person something (no matter how insignificant to you it may be) can really make a big difference.  Thank you MelMo, for your tweet and texts the other day.   I am really proud of my latest RAoK (random act of kindness) – last night, I knew that I wasn’t going to be home for dinner and when I got home I had the house to myself.  My mom works all day, takes care of our 93 year old neighbor and still has dinner on the table by the time my dad gets home from work.  The least I could do was set the table for them.  It was as simple as that.  Put out their place-mats, dishes, silver ware and added a few candles with a box of matches near by.  I wrote a note and left quickly before anyone got home.  Yes it may be cheesy and yes it was super simple.. but knowing that when my mom walked in later she would have a smile on her face made it totally worth it!

 Speaking of making someone smile…I may or may not have sent this message to Marc a few nights ago.  Heck, who wouldn’t smile after a picture like this?

Thursday Thoughts:

  • Today I made a weak attempt at getting back into cardio.  I started my gym sesh with a mile on the treadmill.  A mile.And it just about killed me.   To some of you, a mile may seem difficult or challenging, and for the first time in a few years (more on that next week), I realized what it’s like to be at square one.  I mentioned before that I was really worn out from my previous workout routine, and I wanted to try something new.  Enter: the 12 week body building program.
  • Now that I mention it.. I just realized that I completed week 4 of the program today!  While not in running shape (I’ll be back treadmill, I will be back.) I am in great lifting shape.  As I looked back over the past 4 weeks, I can already see progress.  This program is no joke.  Technically on Sunday I will start adding moderate cardio back in.  And I can’t wait!
  • Tomorrow I am off to visit a great friend of mine.  Ms. Allison Swink aka Bell, Swank, Ally, Swinkerbell.  I am so excited!  Speaking of…I should probably pack.  Yikes!

Question of the Day: Is there a tv show that always makes you laugh out loud LOL?  Modern family always makes me laugh, I love the way it is shot too.  In college, my roommates and I always recorded this show and tried to watch it together. I also like Happy Endings, 2 Broke Girls, Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother.

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