Well Needed Weekend

I spent a large part of my day in the car, so instead of going over my day today… I thought it would be best to give a roundup of my day in Philly yesterday.  Al and I decided to sleep in Sunday morning, and headed into the city around 10 to meet up with our friend Key.  Not going to lie, I enjoyed waking up to this little guy snuggled up next to me!

Loved waking up to this..

We planned to meet up with Key around 11:30 in the Reading Terminal Market.  This place is incredible!  It is a huge indoor food, flower, grocery, dessert and some shopping center.  Al and I got Mexican from 12th Street Cantina while key got some kind of sub, that looked delicious!  Besides the food (which was great) we spent easily over an hour chatting and catching up.  We talked about everything!  It was so good to see Key and hear everything that she has been up to.  I missed this girl so much!  We met in college and became quick friends.  Eventually living together, playing field hockey together, co-captains and for sure friends for life!

Unforutaly, Key had to get going – ms. popular had plans with her sister and left us in the dust!

After dessert of course ;-)

But not until we had dessert of course 😉

That left Al and I to walk around the city and go do lots of touristy things like…

The LOVE statue!

Conquered the "Rocky stairs" and then showed him some of my muscles..

Really cool wall of cups in the convention building.

Betsy Ross' house = adorable!

Little tidbit about Mrs. Ross.. she was married three times!  Her second and third husband were cellmates in jail.. that had to make things pretty interesting.

Some of you asked what I wore around the city.. Incredibly comfortable and semi stylish I'd say.

We hit up the King of Prussia mall, which apparently is that largest mall in the east coast.  Besides being the biggest, it provided me with a great 3 way mirror to take this picture 😉

Such a great weekend with Ally!

We spent way more time then we had orginally planned in the city (and walked a ton!) so we headed home where Ally’s little sister was going to make us breakfast for dinner (one of my favorite things to do btw).  The Swink’s were so great, the bought Gluten Free Bisquick Pancake Mix and claire made up waffles and eggs.  The verdict on the gfree mix? Well, I basically have  to like it by default (gosh I have missed pancakes) but both Ally and Claire said that they could definitely tell a difference but that didn’t mind it one bit.  To sum our night.. I’m taking the cheep way out and I’ll provide you with a picture.

I really need a dog.

Overall, this weekend was fantastic.  Exactly what I needed and a great start to my in between week.

Moment Monday – Ironically enough, the picture I happened to stumble upon was a picture that involved Key!!  My college field hockey team had theme parties all.the.time.  This picture was from an ICFH 80’s night.. just about everyone thought it would be a great idea to tease my hair like crazy.

this is probably a bad idea..

80's Night Done Right

what a mess!

I agreed with them.. until I spent over an hour in the shower that night with an entire bottle of conditioner to get a majority of the knots out of my hair.  I totally kicked ass in the costume department though. ps. that was my mom’s dress from a wedding in Netherlands during the 90’s!

Question of the Week: What are your favorite theme parties to attend? I loved 80’s night.  Without fail, we had 80’s night one weekend in the fall to celebrate a teammates birthday.  Another popular Ithaca College nights included Mexican night (boo Cortland!Go bombers!) prospect day, Kendall day…but some college staples include ABC (anything but clothes), ugly sweater, toga and without fail..halloween!
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