Yahoo Girl

Day two of my ‘week off’ and today alonge I organized my dresser and one of my closets, went grocery shopping, had a great workout, hung out with my sister and caught out on lots of blogs I have been slacking on.  Such a productive day 🙂 Tomorrow will bring some similar tasks, as well as lunch with Kate, a former coworker and hopefully a run outside! Yay 60 degree weather!!

So, yesterday I got a facebook notification.  A friend from highschool posted on my wall that there was a yahoo news article titled ‘The Ideal Workout for a Healthy Heart’ and that the women in the head line picture looked just like me.  A few others liked my status and agreed that they had to do a double take so naturally I went and checked it out.

So, what do you think? Could I be on yahoo news?

I threw that question out there on twitter, and I liked my cousin’s response the best…thanks Kass! 😉

Tone It Tuesday: Today’s workout had my legs burning and my heart pumping!  I started with running a mile and headed to the free weights section of the gym.  Then I tackled the following – leg extensions, wide stance barbell squat, leg press, walking barbell lunges, dumbbell step ups, pile dumbbell squats, standing calf raises and leg press calf raises. It was great to add a new move to the rotation, those dumbbell step ups really worked the glutes 😉  I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s workout brings, hopefully lots of sunshine so I can go do some hill repeats.


Question of the Day – Have you ever been mistaken for someone else?  Or told that you look like someone recognizable?  A few times I have had someone tell me that I resemble Blake Lively.   Granted I probably was wearing make up that day and decided to look semi presentable, but hey I’ll take it! I think she is stunning and I love her taste in fashion…and men 😉

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