What a Difference..

1. Three years ago today I had surgery on both of my legs.  Three whole years, and it seems like just yesterday.  I was home for spring break and had surgery for my compartments syndrome (warning, there is a pretty gory picture in the following link – you’ve been warned –  click at your own risk).  Post surgery I was in a wheel chair, progressed to a walker by day 3, crutches by day 5 and back to school at the end of my ‘spring break.’  It stunk. 

I was a looker.

2. Tomorrow is my parents 28th wedding anniversary.  28 years.  That is crazy to me and I totally admire them and their love for one another.

 3. I separate and eat my M&Ms in a distinct manner, which I am relentlessly picked on for 😉

4. When I was at the store with my mom, I noticed these…


Anyone else remember this stuff?!  It took all I had not to buy this stuff just to play with it again.

5. In honor of my surgery anniversary, I did the following…

I ran. (sorry for such the cruddy picture)

I lifted.

I smiled and took silly photos with my momma.

Question of the Day – Have you ever had any surgeries?  I’ve had my wisdom teeth out (not sure if that counts), both of my legs fixed for compartment syndrome and about a month later I had a bone spur removed from my second toe on my right foot.


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2 thoughts on “What a Difference..

  1. […] gosh.. let’s see. Chest xrays when I had pneumonia, foot xrays for my bone spur, xrays for my shins, xrays after a field hockey game when I got hit in the chest with a high ball during the […]

  2. […] omitted a few sets and skipped out early.  Better safe then sorry right?  I’ve already had one leg disaster, I don’t need another.  Headed home and walked the park with my mom, had dinner and now […]

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