Scrambled Days

Happy monday everyone!  I know I didn’t post during the weekend, but it sure was great.. here is some proof…

I may or may not have visited the ice cream shop...twice.

George got some natural UV rays!


...and I got these bad boys out 🙂

Now I just need someone to teach me how to stop on them.  I’ve been on blades (yea, I’m cool I know) for years and still only the utilize tuck and roll technique.  I’m pretty darn good at that now.

Today was a great day.  For no specific reason.  Don’t you just love days like that?  I spent my night over at Marcs hanging out with him and watching some tv (any Good Wife fans out there?!) and eventually found my way back to my bed for the rest of the night.. apparently I was really enjoying the thought of sleeping in because at 7:30 my mom came into my room to make sure I was up and moving.  Well… I wasn’t.  Whoops!!  I got up quick, changed, made myself a smoothie and headed to work… even got there early I might add 😉

Nothing to special at work happened. It was after work that I was busy.  I headed home to change, drove to the gym and got a great leg workout in.  My legs are actually bugging me a little today so I omitted a few sets and skipped out early.  Better safe then sorry right?  I’ve already had one leg disaster, I don’t need another.  Headed home and walked the park with my mom, had dinner and now I’m prepping myself for tomorrow, waiting to hang out with the boy and hoping to catch the season finale of  Pretty Little Liars.  I cannot wait to find out who A is!!

Moment Monday

Oh snap.  Kristen is appearing on the blog twice in one week!  Hey Kree, apparently my fingers were channeling you when I randomly picked a photo for today’s Moment Monday 🙂

See the resemblance?

This picture is from a NYC trip with my family for my best friend’s brother’s wedding (is that grammatically correct?  That’s directed towards you mom..)  Anyways.. This is a photo of myself, my sister Kristen and my friend Brit, who you may recognize from a previous post. We stayed in the city all weekend until the wedding.  It was the first time I had been back since before 9/11 and it was unbelievable to see how different everything was. This was such a great trip, spending it primarily with my sister and Brit.  I love NYC as much as the next person, but I’ve learned that I am good for a few days, I couldn’t imagine living there..

Question of the Day – When do you prefer to work out vs. when do you actually work out?  I would prefer to get my workouts done with in the early morning (I’m talking like starting at 5 or 6 AM) but with this new job that only allows me an hour at the gym.  We’ll see how this week goes..

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5 thoughts on “Scrambled Days

  1. I prefer to work out in the morning before work. I feel so much more focused during the day and enjoy going home at the end of the day. How much time do you usually spend at the gym? I hardly ever spend more than 45 minutes there so that helps.

    • I used to take a class and do a little cardio because I had the time… Now I have about 45 minutes or an hour max. What do your workouts look like? After I’m done with this 12 week program I’ll be looking around for new workouts.

  2. Yay for going to the ice cream shop..twice! 😀 I love roller blading but havent done it in a long time.. but after seeing you with yours, it makes me want to bust mine out too! 🙂

  3. […] Since it’s beginning to look allot like ice cream season I started think about my favorite ice cream flavor and way to eat it.  Truth be told, I don’t […]

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