The Birds and The Bees

I woke up early this morning for day 46 – shoulders. I do not like getting up in the morning anymore. I think I’m starting to get used to and prefer working out in the evening… who would have guessed that I’d switch so easily?! The reason for the morning workout? Well, Kate texted me a few nights ago wanting to know if I had any interest in going rock climbing, you bet I did! Where do I sign up?!

After work I drove out to the Niagara Climbing Center to utilize her Groupon that was going to expire this week. OMGosh it was so fun to see Kate and to do something different during the week. Here are some photos from our adventure…

Climb Kate (O) Climb!

Climb Kate (B) Climb!

The best part of our hangout? I get to see her again on Friday for her Tastefully Simple party. Score! 🙂 ps. kate told me today that she reads my blog daily (HI KATE – I KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS!) and shared a great idea with me for her 24th birthday that I a. am giving her total credit for that idea right now and b. desperately wanting to steal for when I turn 24. You’ll just have to wait until december to find out 😉

I arrived home to my aunt laura and my younger cousins (erin and steven) hanging out at my house… steven, (who is 10) had the ‘birds and the bees’ talk at school last night. Now that I’m the older one in the conversation I realize how awkward it can be for the adults. But if I remember correctly, it doesn’t even come close to how embarassed you are as the person being talked to… My dad (being the smart-dupa that he is) responded a little something like this…”there are some things you want you want to talk to your parents about and then there is some real good stuff.” I just about died laughing. Please tell me someone else out there thinks that’s funny.

What I Ate Wednesday

6:00 AM Protein Shake

Ingredients for my morning protein shake.


gfree bread, egg whites and homemade salsa

10:30 AM SNACK

tea, water and an orange

12:30 LUNCH

romaine lettuce, carrots, feta cheese, sunflower seeds, broccoli with balsamic/italian dressing

2:30 SNACK

M&Ms with unpictured greek yogurt and a crushed honey and oats bar


steak, cottage cheese, peas as meal one. meal two was red hot blue chips, baby bell white cheddar cheese and more homemade salsa! Apparently my parent’s homemade salsa was all over my radar today. I posted my breakfast on instagram and was surprised to hear from my friend Krystina

Two things that make me happy 1. I’m not the only one who seems to be a fan of the Brown family salsa and 2. Krystina used a little spoon to eat her yogurt. Awesome, right?!?


Question of the Day – Did you ever get the birds and the bees talk? I’m not sure exactly when I got it from my parents when I was younger however I do remember that in health class in middle school all of us girls giggled like.. well… little school girls, when we had a teacher from our highschool come in to talk to us. I have zero recollection what he said that entire class period. I (along with all of the other girls in class) was too busy day dreaming…

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