This Happened

I spent all day stalking twitter and different blogs trying to get as much information as I could about the movie everyone is talking about The Hunger Games. I am going to continue to reading all about it until I can go and see it. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Who wants to go see it with me?!

Five Fact Friday

1. Amy posted the pictures I took of Gracie on Facebook so I figured it would be okay to post a few of my favorites..

..the one above makes it seem like Grace actually likes me.. truth be told most of our morning/afternoon resulted in photos like this..

and at the end of the day…

we knew how Gracie really felt about me ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. Since it’s beginning to look allot like ice cream season I started think about my favorite ice cream flavor and way to eat it. Truth be told, I donโ€™t like my ice cream really cold, I prefer to microwave it for under 30 seconds so it is kind of soupy… Bizarre, probably. Delicious, you bet!

3. I hate strongly dislike bananas…and I still sing/spell the word bananas. Thank you Gwen Stefani.

4. Are you an over or an under person? Fact about me.. my preference is OVER ALL THE WAY!! It totally makes more sense. 100%.

5. Yes, I still play solitare.. it helps me zone out and fall asleep most nights. And last night..this happened. Solid.

Question of the Day – Do you have any logic when replacing the toilet paper? Honestly, I try to avoid putting on new rolls (whoops ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) but when I do, I like them the be over because in my opinion it easier to tear off and less likely to slowly unroll and touch the floor. Gross.

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6 thoughts on “This Happened

  1. Over for sure. I will take TP of the roll and put it on the right way if I need to :). U r funny.

  2. Two things. Definitely over on the TP roll. How else to create that lovely triangular top sheet that you find in the fancy hotels? Secondly, I like to stir my ice cream until it becomes creamily soft. If you can find Talenti Gelato (, try combining the Double Dark Chocolate with the Roman Raspberry sorbet. Divine!

    • So glad sleekest agrees with me on TWO things!! I’ll keep an eye out for it! I’m not sure if you are familiar with the brand, but Perry’s Ice Cream is made in my hometown so by default I always get that kind. My favorite is Panda Paws. Ah-mah-zing!! Ever heard of it?!

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