Get Me Outta Here

Allot happened the last few days of work last week which meant I spent allot of my weekend doing work at home. Thankfully the boy was working on his taxes so we spent allot of time next to one another both doing work this weekend.

Unfortunately buffalo has once again surprised us and that 80 degree weather I was loving last week has chilled to around 35 degrees today. Brrrr!

My mom dad and I headed out after work to a defensive drivers course to all individually reduce our insurance by 10%. Unfortunately that meant spending 5 hours sitting and watching outdated videos. I’m talking cassette player days here people!! It wasn’t even 45 minutes in when my body was screaming “get me outta here!!!”. I not only missed the gym today, I spent 8ish hours sitting at work and 5ish hours sitting for that course. Oh and I ate an Iced Oatmeal Raisin Luna bar for dinner. Real healthy.

Moment Monday


This is snap shot that was taken after a tough game in college. I got off the field and was immediately embarrassed by my dad. More than anything in that moment I needed that. I love this picture because it captures the nature of my dad. A big tough guy with a soft spot for his children and always trying to comfort us and cheer us up. Even if it’s a sarcastic comment that probably made me take a jab at him, it completely took my mind off of any issues I had prior to that embrace. I an thankful every single day for my family, especially my parents. They mean the world to me.

Question of the Day – what is the wether like in your area? Is it typical weather? Dang you mother nature for tricking me into thinking you’d stay warm for a while. Last week I was in a dress. Today…. I wore my winter jacket.

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2 thoughts on “Get Me Outta Here

  1. Kree says:

    FYI that was ur “welcome to the has-been club” hug after your senior game!!!!!

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