Twice In One Week?!

After work I headed to the gym with Marc, Mitch and Sarah. You heard me right, Sarah and I worked out together twice in one week! Originally it was supposed to be Sarah and I and then Marc decided he was going to join and then Mitch did the same. So yet again, all 4 of us headed to the gym. Sarah is on day 3 of the LiveFit Trainer (I’m on day 57) and she asked me to go around the gym with her and go over a few of the machines. I kicked her dupa win legs, she made me do abs and then Marc and I stayed later to do some shoulder work.
Such a good workout!!

Thursday Thoughts
I basically have one thing to share with everyone… I was helping my dad get to his email this evening and I noticed an email from my grandma to my dad entitled “FYI thought you could use this for your girls -mom” what did my grandma send him you might ask? ….


How funny is that?! My dad and I were cracking up reading it!!

Question of the Day – (brought to you by Marc) do you like prefer Pepsi or coke products? I’m a coke fan, Marc says Pepsi… But actually he likes both. And now that he said that I change my answer too. I like both but when it comes to the diet version I prefer coke.


One thought on “Twice In One Week?!

  1. Amy Bathory says:

    This is so your dad and made me laugh!

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