Tiger of the Game

Work has kept me absolutely swamped…and I LOVE IT!!  Who on earth would have ever believed that I would be saying that.  After work I went to my gym and did day 58 of my 12 week program and let me tell you, phase 3 is NO joke.  After I finished my work out I headed over to another gym and did day 8 of Sarah’s 12 week program.   She’s loving it as much as I am.

Oh I almost forgot!!  So this weekend I took Marc out on our surprise date night.  The plan was originally dinner at PF Changs and rock climbing (at the same place Kate and I went to a few weeks back…).  Like I said, those were my orginal plans.  Turns out PF Chang’s is way more popular then I thought and our wait was about an hour and a half! We put our names in and walked around the mall for a while.  We spent a majority of the time in Dick’s Sporting Goods, more specifically the outdoor section and we came up with all sorts of things ‘we just had to have’.  Thankfully we walked out of there empty handed…

Finally we were seated for dinner and my typical gluten free Ginger Chicken with Broccoli was replaced with another chicken dish that featured citrus sauce.. This meal wasn’t gluten free so I only ate a little bit just in case it made my tummy hurt and it was beyond amazing!  I LOVED it!  It isn’t on the menu just yet.. I think it’s coming out next month and I would highly recommend it!

We were about half way through dinner when we started talking about altering our post dinner plans… neither of us really wanted to drive a half an hour and exert any energy so we looked up movie times for the mall we were at and decided we would catch the next show time for Project X.  I let marc pick whatever he wanted to see because the date was planned for him.

I hadnt seen any previews for this movie so I had no idea what I was in for.  This movie was so funny, both Marc and I were laughing out loud several times.  Totally random movie, but had us giggling!  All in all it was a great date night 🙂  SUCCESS!!


Moment Monday

(Yours truly is wearing #4) This picture is from my senior year in highschool.  My coach had a tradition that after every game she would hand out something tiger related (the Akron Tigers is our school FYI) to a player who stuck out during the game.  Whether they did something right they have been working on, doing a new trick, acting selfless, anything.  It was always an honor to receive the tiger.   This game in particular we did a little something different… During half time we all held hands and ran over to a little girl on the sidelines (a daughter of one of our PE teachers who was battling cancer who loved field hockey and was just too sweet for words) and gave her the game tiger.

Oddly enough, Marc’s dad was at this game taking pictures for us and he captured this moment.  Totally unplanned and still to this day makes me so happy.  This still remains one of my favorite photographs from highschool and I had this in every single on of my rooms during college.  It constantly reminds me how precious life is and how a small gesture can make such an impact to someone.

All were touched by our act that afternoon.  It makes me so happy just thinking about it 🙂


Question of the Day – Does your significant other have any favorite restaurants you frequently visit? Does he ever! Ted’s, TGIFridays, PF Chang’s, Jim’s Steakout Pano’s, JP Bullfeather .. all of which I have learned to love over the years 😉

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