I’m Backkkk!

The wait is finally over 😉 I know I’ve been a bad blogger for the past couple of days week and I apologize.  Life was just too busy and I (unexpectedly) didn’t have internet connection where I was staying and it totally threw me off!  To make up for my mistake, I’ll fill you in on the past week’s events via pictures.  Thank gosh for an iphone!

Sir Finley

I spent the week dog/house sitting.  Can you believe it, I got paid to hang out with 3 dogs (bruno the mini schnauzer, finley the horse goldendoodle and olive the dashund).  Talk about an amazing job.  Anyone else out there interested in going away and need a dog sitter – I’m your gal.

Ms. Olive

Horse status.

I’m not joking when I said Finley is as big as a horse.  Okay, well maybe he is the size of a pony, but still.  He’s huge and I wanted nothing more then hide him in my car and take him home with me.  Such a gentle giant.  Goldendoodles have definitely moved up in my favorite dog list… watch out Vizslas and Weimarainers!

night out on the town

I dusted off the old dancin’ shoes and went downtown with some of my friends.  Let’s just say my dance pants were on.  This night specifically got me so excited for my alumni weekend coming up in a short time.  ICFH, it’s time to put your big girl pants on…

Frog on Frog

I went cray fish hunting with Marc, Sarah and Mitch and we stumbled upon these guys.  What we originally thought was a huge frog turned out to be a frog latched on to another frog.  For a while there I was convinced that we should call the Guinness World Record people and let them know that we discovered two frogs fused together, but I’ve since learned that frog’s will not separate for up to 16 days when they are mating.  It would have been so much better if they were actually a two headed frog.  Buzzkill.

I also spent some time perusing the internets.  And found two things that I really want.  Well, I found more then two things, but these two are blog worthy. (warning, one is slightly inappropriate.  Enjoy!)

Budda Buttah.

I want one of these for my kitchen.  I bet I would laugh everytime I went to get butter.  Actually, now that I think about it, maybe I wouldn’t use as much butter if I saw this everytime…

And I’ll leave you with this for tonight… If you find these… please buy them for me and I will be one happy camper (pun intended). 

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