Three Things Thursday

I’ve seen this survey going around so I decided to take a crack at it…

Three Things Thursday

Three words that I do NOT like!

1. Chuckle
2. Relax
3. Hate

Three things that always make me laugh

1. America’s Funniest Home Videos
2. Elf
3. Reminiscing nights we probably should forget

Three things I hope to do over the summer (thinking ahead)

1. go to Michigan with Marc’s family
2. Laying next to the pool
3. Buy myself a road bike

Three things I want to add into my diet

1. turkey burgers
2. veggie burgers
3. Coconut oil.

Three Places I’ve traveled to and loved

1. San Diego
2. Michigan
3. Maine

Three of my most recent favorite sites I go on lately

1. My google reader
2. instagram
3. Hulu

Three Wise things I have to say for today

1. Head up, finish strong.
2. This too shall pass
3. Let it go

Three things I’m looking forward to

1. ICFH alumni weekend. One week and counting ladies.
2. My best friend’s wedding. (Not the movie) her real life wedding in September.
3. Lightning storms on warm summer nights

Go ahead and fill it out with your own answers!!


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