50 Day Challenge

So I have some great news… I am going to michigan again with Marc’s family!!! This will be my 4th time going, unfortunately last year I wasn’t able to make it due to work 😦 Which is why I am all the more excited!

so so so excited! I cannot wait to swim, water ski, extreme tube (yes .. EXTREME .. I kid you not .. see above), wake surf, wake board, do a puzzle, read books, kayak, napping in a hammock, take a million pictures, running around for miles, get a (safe) tan, eat great food, go into town, bet on mini golf, omgosh seriously so many things I am looking forward to. SO MANY THINGS. oh… and I have to be in a bikini ;

I met with my friend Kate the other day to go for a run and we both have decided that we need to make a change. We are both doing Jamie Eason’s LiveFit program so what we really need to do is buckle down on what we eat. ; This girl loves her food. We brainstormed a few things and came up with the 50 day challenge.

Not only are Kate and I going to do it, but so is my mom and possibly a few of my friends from college… I’ll let you know who else is doing it and how it is going for them… If you are interested give it a go!



Starts May 10th and ends June 29th (my departure date/Kate’s family event).

Take $50 ($1 bills) out of your bank account and create 2 ‘jars’ – one labeled donate and one labeled splurge. At the end of every day you will either put your dollar in the donate jar or the splurge jar. At the end of the 50 days, whatever money you have in your splurge jar is yours to do with as you please! (lottery tickets, a new bikini, nail polish, etc.) Whatever money is in your donate jar you must donate (church collection box, cancer research, SPCA, etc.).

Grab a buddy and do this together! For each walk/run you do with your buddy (aim for 1 a week) take a dollar out of the donate jar and put it into splurge. As Kate said, these ‘support session” walks will be vital!


Daily Check List

□ 70 oz. of water

□ no more than 10g of sugar/serving (fruit, daily piece of dark chocolate and weekly guilt free dessert do not count) (edited to add – it is not a 10g limit per day. It is 10g per food item!)

□ 7+ hours of sleep at least 6 nights a week

□ 4+ servings of vegetables

□ write down one thing you love about your body


Other suggestions…

– Park in the furthest parking spot

– Stairs over the elevator/escalator

– Walk instead of calling a coworker

– Go for one walk a day – distance and time don’t matter

– On food days at work pick the healthiest option of bring something healthy to share.


Challenge accepted.

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9 thoughts on “50 Day Challenge

  1. Margaret Daly says:

    I want to do this. Unfortunately I’m off to a rough start. I had meeting today that included lunch. I did great using the sandwich filling to make a great salad. But the cookie plate kept going around. I had 2. I can recover from this.

  2. Bellaspire says:

    What a neat idea!! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  3. B–Margaret is my friend from work! I’m getting her on board! I’m so amped up about the challenge it’s not even funny. Did you see my blog post on it? Shout out to you my #LFM. 🙂

  4. B–Margaret is my friend from work! I’m trying to get her to jump on board! I’m so excited about the challenge it’s not even funny. Did you see my blog post about it?? I shouted out to you my #LFM. 🙂 So glad you got me to do this and am hoping we see some great results! love you


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  6. […] into a one chocolate covered gummy bear and sampled some toffee too. Spot on Robyn!. Thanks to my 50 day challenge (which is going great by the way) I’ve had to resist my cravings for sweets BIG […]

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