Keep On Lunging

1. Day 2 of the 50 Day Challenge and I have a dollar in my splurge jar and as long as I keep up the good work I’m on my way to double it up 😉 A dollar make me holla honey boo boo child! I’m glad I also have support while doing this!

My mom, my friend Kate, a teammate Krystina and a few other friends/coworkers(!) are partaking in the 50 day challenge and we’ve swapped messages back and forth about workouts, things we love about our bodies and words of encouragement.

2. This morning my mom and I set out to accomplish a mile of lunges. Yup, you heard me right.. a mile.. of lunges. All thanks to Miriam! I got the idea in my head back when she blogged about it and even told some of my family members during easter. A whole bunch said they wanted to do it, and I think that if I were to ask them to do it they would give it a shot. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for them 😉 ) my mom and I decided last minute yesterday that we would get up and try it.

My mom had to skip out early, she had to shower and get ready for work but I guarantee she would have stuck it out and given it her best. So there I was, 2 laps in, 2 to go and I just thought “well I could just go home with my mom and try this again later…” and then reality hit me.. I’m not so sure I’d want to do this again and I was already half way there! I’m glad I stuck with it – it got my heart rate up, my blood flowing and my legs moving. That’s not the case right now though 😉 YIKES.

3. This weekend I have two friends from college coming up for a quick day visit – we are going to go to Niagara Falls and walk around a bit – not sure what else they want to do but I’ll be sure to document and post some pictures!

4. I’ve been creeping reading some of my favorite blogs and a recent trip a bunch of them took to Colorado and it makes me want to visit there even more! Besides, who wouldn’t want to spend a weekend in Colorado eating, hiking, working out and eating froyo?! Julie, Alyssa, Courtney… I’m hoping that I’ll make it there at least once!

5. I’m not sure if any of you are on Instagram, but I have found some great workouts, recipes, inspirational quotes/photos and great encouragement from people on there. Total strangers! Look for me! @krbrown4

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2 thoughts on “Keep On Lunging

  1. YES!!! So glad you did it!! Wasn’t it mentally a bear?

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