Bachelorette Recap Week 1

Initial reactions from the introductions and before the rose ceremony…

Kalon – He looks like such a hipster to me.  And of course he comes in on the helicopter. Take your hand out of your pocket and actually hug her.  Not too much of a fan.

Ryan – previous pro football player who currently works with children.  Oh and he has an ADORABLE dog.  Yes.  — His note/sign was so funny.  I’m so nervous/You are so beautiful.

Tony – Fitness passion and father who married young.  “what has two thumbs and is going to marry Emily” – him”  — a glass slipper dude, really?  But actually Emily seemed to like it.

Lerone – It cracks me up when big macho guys have little dogs.  Proportion distortion.

David – The singer songwriter who sang a song about true love — the only words were ‘Emily’ over and over and over. — who starts their conversation ‘who actually chose charlotte?’

Charlie – He looks like a big meat head at first but then you find out that he had a severe tramatic brain injury – and then he has a bull dog.  — He came in after dancin’ Stevie and he goes “I hope you don’t expect me to do that”

Jef – yup, with one f.  He seems really young.  CEO of a bottled water company that donates a bottle for everyone purchased.  He actually reminds me of Chet from MTV.  Anyone else?

Arie – Race car driver – wouldn’t that remind Emily of her late fiance?  That could bring up some painful memories.  I like that he is concerned about her feelings about his profession.  I’m starting to like him.

Sean – I honestly don’t know what he did or said.  I just realized this was empty.

Jackson – got down on one knee right away, that might scare me a little…

Kyle – every girl wants to hear a guy say she is stunning, nice opening line Ky.

Joe – whoa, you have allot of energy, let’s hope it’s nerves

Chris – bobble heads?  and then playing with them?  I would have been so awkward, Emily handled that well.

Aaron – “im a high school biology teacher but i’m here to make chemisty with you” <– cute

Allesandro – an awkward double kiss and then he spoke in another language, which was cool.  Also, they both were talking at the same time – which is one of my pet peeves.

Stevie – whoa, hello dance moves, calm down buddy

Randy – who the heck dresses up as an old lady and then has trouble getting the dress off.  Awkward.

Nate – she really thinks he is cute

Brent – cute idea with the name tag.  Not sure about the opening line of “I have 6 kids”…

John ‘Wolf’ – I’m intrigued why they call him wolf

Travis – what is with the egg? Is he going to carry this around all season?  I totally see the guys smashing that thing.

Michael – cut your hair, I am not a fan

Jean-Paul – why are guys so awkward when they hug sometimes?

Alejandro – hello another foreign tounge

Doug – the first impression rose winner.  Great call on reading her a note from your son.


First group of guys to go…Lerone, Randy, Brent, Jean-Paul, Jackson and David.  Can’t say I’m sad to see any of them going home.


I really like Doug, Kyle, Arie, Charlie and Ryan.  Let’s see where next week takes us!

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2 thoughts on “Bachelorette Recap Week 1

  1. taylorrmade says:

    So glad I’ve found someone with the same love for the Bachelor! Hahaha. Totally loved Doug, too! And the guy with the egg….WHAT is he still doing there!?

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