The next step…

well we’ve taken the next step! after 7 years of dating, labor day weekend marc and I moved in together! We got our first apartment and I could not be happier about how everything worked out!

After a great weekend with Meg, we spent labor day moving and slightly unpacking. A HUGE thank you to my parents and to Marc’s parents for helping us move all of our stuff, clean the apartment and start to make the place feel like home.

We’ve been in the apartment for a month now and it truly feels like home to me. I found a new running path that I can go up to 8 miles on that is just right around the corner! We are living in clarence so we are only about 5-10 minutes from transit (for those of you who know what that is you know how exciting it can be to live so close to so many different restaurants/shops/stops/grocery stores/etc.)

While we have been there for a few weeks now we still aren’t completely settled in so I want to wait until a few more things are done before I start posting photos – for now you can enjoy my favorite to date. (Ps thank you meg for making us take this!)


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