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Meg’s trip to the 716

Labor day weekend, my college friend Meg came to visit for 4 entire days! We had a very full buffalo bucket list of things we wanted to do and successfully completed them all! Chicken wing festival, clarence center labor day fair, taffy from the fair, chivettas chicken, jim’s steakout, guys sub, walk around elmwood, run through akron falls park, time hortons, walked to canada to see the falls, ate at rainforest café, perry’s ice cream, pizza from mazia’s, breakfast at crappy apple (candy apple). Basically our entire weekend (if you haven’t gathered already) was based around food. All things buffalo!

Here are a bunch of photos from our weekend…





We had a great visit together and at the end of the weekend Meg helped me make the next big step in my life…

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 things I’m looking forward to…

  • the OLYMPICS!!!!
  • weekend in canastota
  • kate sleeping over next week
  • girls night with Brit and Britt
  • erie county fair
  • hitting up the antique sale again
  • meg swope’s highly anticipated arrival for a visit
  • labor day weekend
  • ….to be announced…..

Recent Snap Shots

Spinach and Cheese Egg White Omelet with Gfree bread and PB2

#bicepday #mayfitchallenge #day23

First Moonflower of the season!

My gag gift has arrived. Too bad it’s 7 months early!

If you follow me on Instagram (@krbrown4) you’ve seen these images pop up over the past few days…  if not, here are a few of my recent photos!   Follow me on Instagram!  I love browsing through pictures when I have the opportunity to!

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I haven’t been kidnapped

I swear I haven’t been kidnapped! I won’t be blogging this week at all because I’m a. Super busy at work b. house/dog sitting all week and that means more time spent in a car to and from the house/work/gym and c. There is no internet at the house I’m at so I don’t even have my computer. I love you guys but I refuse to type each post via my phone.

I’ll leave you with a photo of my buddies for this week ❤


You bet I was holding food in my hand. How else could I get these three in one frame?!

Twice In One Week?!

After work I headed to the gym with Marc, Mitch and Sarah. You heard me right, Sarah and I worked out together twice in one week! Originally it was supposed to be Sarah and I and then Marc decided he was going to join and then Mitch did the same. So yet again, all 4 of us headed to the gym. Sarah is on day 3 of the LiveFit Trainer (I’m on day 57) and she asked me to go around the gym with her and go over a few of the machines. I kicked her dupa win legs, she made me do abs and then Marc and I stayed later to do some shoulder work.
Such a good workout!!

Thursday Thoughts
I basically have one thing to share with everyone… I was helping my dad get to his email this evening and I noticed an email from my grandma to my dad entitled “FYI thought you could use this for your girls -mom” what did my grandma send him you might ask? ….


How funny is that?! My dad and I were cracking up reading it!!

Question of the Day – (brought to you by Marc) do you like prefer Pepsi or coke products? I’m a coke fan, Marc says Pepsi… But actually he likes both. And now that he said that I change my answer too. I like both but when it comes to the diet version I prefer coke.

A Little Switch-Up

Alright, I have something to admit… in middle and high school I loved surveys…borderline obsessed. Well, I’ve seen this survey cycling through different blogs I read and decided to be a following.  So today, I am skipping my traditional Tone It Tuesday post to answer some questions…With that being said, here’s some fun facts about me!

A is for age: 23 years young and undoubtedly one of the most challenging, frustrating but fun times of my entire life.  I’m a-okay with being this age for a while!  …or at least until december…when I have no choice but to add another candle.

B is for breakfast today: Egg whites and a strawberry smoothie.. strawberries, spinach, flax seed, chia seeds and almond milk!

C is for currently craving: Iced Oatmeal Raisin Luna bar, fro yo, and per usual CHOCOLATE.

D is for dinner tonight: I made myself some greek yogurt g-free pancakes with turkey bacon and egg whites.

E is for favorite type of exercise: In the past I would have said running, hands down.. except since I’ve started my lifting program, I realized how much I like lifting heavy.

F is for an irrational fear: I have a strange fear of my Achilles Tendon being severed and rolling up the back of my leg.

G is for gross food: Bananas. So gross.  The smell, the sound they make when you eat them, their texture, the color.  Everything about bananas grosses me out.

H is for hometown: Akron, NY. (NOT OHIO!)  About 30 minutes east of Buffalo.

J is for current favorite jam:  I don’t like jam 😉 Music wise, I am terrible with names of songs and artists, so I pretty much like anything on the radio except for Madonna and Lady GaGa. Gross.

K is for kids: Does George count? How about Hunter?  I would like babies in the future, but first he better put a ring on it.

L is for current location: My couch 🙂 Headed over to the boyfriend’s house soon!

N is for something you need: About 3-4 more hours of sleep per night.. can someone make that happen for me?

O is for occupation: I’m not too sure what my official title is at work yet, so I’ll just say I’m in the promotions business and learning something new everyday!

P is for pet peeve: People who think too highly of themselves.

Q is for favorite quote: “Just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want them to doesn’t mean they don’t love you with everything they have.”

R is for random fact about you: I’ve been swimming with Manatees before and it was such a great experience!

S is for favorite healthy snack: I go through phases with current favorites.  Recently, it’s been Luna bars!

T is for favorite treat: Colossal Cookies.  YUM!!!

U is for something that makes you unique: I have a weird obsession with tortoises.  All animals for that matter, I don’t know what it is… but I really like animals.

V is for favorite vegetable: Broccoli, peas and winter squash. Get.In.My.Belly!

W is for today’s workout: A hard core leg workout.  I was sweating like a beast after lifting those heavy (for me) weights.

X is for X-rays you’ve had: Oh gosh.. let’s see. Chest xrays when I had pneumonia, foot xrays for my bone spur, xrays for my shins, xrays after a field hockey game when I got hit in the chest with a high ball during the championship (fh) game.. that was scary. There are probably more, I just can’t think of them right now.

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: This sounds a little pathetic, but getting into bed earlier then normal and just laying there reflecting on the crazy couple of weeks I’ve had.

Z is for your time zone: Eastern Standard Time. It’s the BEST time zone in the world – TV shows are on at the perfect time.

Question of the Day – Choose a letter and answer for yourself!


Introducing George

I’m not sure when or why, but I have an obsession with tortoises.  Meet George, my current Russian Tortoise.

George had his own mini pumpkin!

"Put me down Ma!"

"I'm freeee"