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50 Day Challenge: Re-lived, Re-capped, Revived – guest post

You know how I am with my challenges… and while I may have slacked off in my first attempt at the 50 day challenge, Krystina most defiantly DID NOT. I’ve asked her to write up a little something for me to share with all of you because of her great success. I am so proud of her and hope that the next challenge I partake in I’m strong willed like Krystina.


After reading my former roomie, and ICFH teammate, Meg’s guest post on Brownie’s blog, I was a combination of jealous, inspired and nostalgic. Jealous because I now want guest bloggers of my own, but more so inspired by the idea of having a friend speak for you–not necessarily about you, but for you, and about shared interests. Everyone has such a unique voice; it’s incredible the way a story can translate so differently for each person who tells it, and mean something so different to each one who hears it. And today my hope is that as you read this post, you find your own unique meaning in my message.

Boy I’m getting fluffy and deep. Borderline profound. Not meaning to. Naturally. As you can see, I can get carried away with my words. But I digress…

My Little Fudge Muffin (LFM) came to me–well, not literally. Let’s just say she arrived at my digital doorstep, if you will…passing over the Islands of Instagram, and through the trees of Twitter, all to ask me for a guest blog post while she journeys to the beautiful state of Michigan…which I simply associate with a mitten. Probably because of some elementary school geography lesson. (Sadly, that’s all I’ve retained since then, as far as geography goes). I mean, what else is there to do in Michigan? I ask this question, simply to give Brownie all the more reason to blog about her vacay when she returns. So subtle, my hypothetical question is. And now I’m becoming Yoda…

So get to the point, Krystina. Ok ok, I’m getting there.

Setting the Scene…
Over 50 days ago, Katie proposed the idea of “The 50 Day Challenge” to me. I consider myself active, and I strive to eat clean. I’ve picked up running three out of my five workouts a week. (TIP: Never run two days in a row. It has changed my whole running game like you wouldn’t believe! #goodthing). I’ve raced several 5Ks, one 10K, and two half marathons at this point. So, call me a runner, if you’d like. I’m always looking for new ways to challenge myself physically, and mentally…so was I up for something called 50 DAY CHALLENGE? Absolutely. Was there hesitation? Absolutely. But I knew all along that my LFM, one of my teammates who I looked up to for her “I run in a sports bra”-6-pack-abs-toned-figure, overall athleticism, fit mindset, and general foodie-ness, would never challenge me to do something that she didn’t believe I could do.

An LFM Aside…
That’s what I loved about playing with Brownie. Even through some of my highest ups and lowest downs playing college hockey, she always believed in me, supported me, and encouraged me. I looked up to her for who she was as a player (sICk stick skills, I tell ya) but also how she treated and led her teammates with such enthusiasm, determination and passion. She had that “love of the game.” Whether it was an individual or team goal, my muffin always stuck to it. To the very end. To use her words that have since stuck with me, “Head Up, Finish Strong.” Whether you’re friend, family or follower, I’ll be the first to say that Brownie embodies that mentality with dedication and ease. #livestrong <;;– Yup, she does just that.

Circling back to 50 Day Challenge…
I was up for it. Down for it. Whichever you wanna say. As I blogged about here, : ) peer pressure can be a positive and inspiring thing. We want to do what others are doing because of the sheer hype in numbers. That’s fact. Think about Silly Bandz. I know I’m not a seven year-old day camper anymore, but when a fellow ICFH alum was giving them away to us at our alumni game two years ago, you better believe I wanted what the cool kids already had. Dang yo-yo’s. That’s another expense that got me too.

After reviewing the rules of the challenge–and there really were only four–how hard could it be?

After 30 days, habits can be made or broken. I was banking on the former from the get-go. But what it ultimately came down to was one alarming realization: BACK OFF THE SWEETS, XTINA. So you mean absolutely NO DESSERTS? No. But everything you eat has to be <;;10g of sugar, with the exception of fruits, veggies, a weekly guilt-free dessert splurge, and a daily piece of dark chocolate–hey, it's good for your health! But nightly three-inch wide pieces of fresh-out-the-oven, rich, still slightly warm chocolate cake, coated and covered in thick, sweet buttercream frosting…adios, cya-later-alligator, right-out-the-window, say goodbye, Madonna.

Though there were harder days toward the beginning, as with any attempt at a lifestyle change, I'm happy to say I survived, and am here to blog about it! So let me re-cap my Top 10 Takeaways:

1. The Start is the Hardest Part – Being amped about the challenge from the start really helped. I tried to motivate my friends and co-workers to get involved. Again, that goes back to the "hype in numbers" theory I have. While people I talked to showed interest, no one was willing to actually commit. And truth be told, taking the first step is the hardest part. I wish I had a local friend to partake, yes. But from a distance, I had my LFM, which worked out wonderfully! One of the best things about this whole challenge was the fact that it brought some fudge back into my life. We talked a lot more, and like I said in my "aside" above, I realized again just how encouraging Brownie is, but more importantly, how much I love and miss having her around!

2. Sayonara "Stupid Calories" – The challenge challenged me to start eating "cleaner," which meant finding the source of what I'll call "Stupid Calories," adding them up and cutting them out. Mayo in tuna, ketchup on eggs, cream cheese on bagels, butter/sour cream/cheddar cheese and everything else that comprises the "loaded" adjective in a baked potato. Initially, this meant the inevitable–I had to count calories. I bring my breakfast and lunch to work every day; I strive to adhere to serving sizes (for once) and portion/ration out everything I eat. That all helped. And after a few days of calorie counting (which is something I NEVER want to become habit) I found the source and cut it off! Lights out to Stupid Calories.

3. Condiment Realization: I Love Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard – Eating more veggies and cutting out Stupid Calories, awakened my senses to a new love for Dijon Mustard. It's 15 calories for 1 tbsp. and has NO fat! Healthier than mayo, that's for sure. Here's a great marinade. I use it on a mixture of about 3-4 each zucchini and squash. Put this in your ziplock and shake it: 3 tbsp. Dijon Mustard, 1 tsp. (scant) Olive Oil, 1 pckg. Splenda (had to cut sugar!), juice of 1 lemon, lots of black pepper (to your liking). No salt! Let the flavors marry in the fridge for about 15 minutes before steaming in a covered aluminum pan on the grill. Also tastes great on asparagus and broccoli. Any veg will do!

4. New Habit Formed: 4+ Servings of Veggies Per Day Required – This rule is now a part my diet. With my daily intake of veggies about 1-2 servings up from usual, I was actually able to cut more carbs out of my diet. I already don't eat bread as it is (and if so, it's rare and low-cal), so focusing on raw/steamed vegetables as a healthy alternative, caused me to eliminate starchy, high-carb sides like rice and white potatoes. Now, since my routine is work, work out, eat dinner, I do need to replenish some of the carbs/energy I've burned. So for dinner, I'll stick to a leaner protein and two servings of veggies–one of which might be a small, or half of a large sweet potato. So out of this new habit, came an even greater one: cautious carb control.

5. What's in this treat? WOW that's SWEET! – After cutting down on sugars for 50 days, things have since become "too sweet." I never thought I'd be the one to say it–as a baker and dessert lover, myself–but it's true. My mom made brownies a few days ago, and I actually haven't even touched the leftovers. I pinched off a small piece admittedly, but I just don't have a taste for them. Ok, I realize this sounds like a stretch of a statement. Maybe she just put too much vanilla in them because make no mistake–my mom makes the BEST brownies. Seriously. I just didn't find this batch chocolatey enough or something. Or maybe I'm now more selective about my sweets? At the end of the day, I just want cake batter froyo, yellow or chocolate cake, a Zaro's black & white cookie, or a straight-up sugar cookie of any sort (be it a Magnolia Bakery Whoopie Cookie, or one of those mushy, half-raw ones from the cafeteria at work). Still trying to figure this one out. But I can tell you this. I've cut the Splenda in my morning coffee from two packets to one. So something has changed.

6. If It's Really Sweet, You'll Binge Overeat – When you do have sweets or sugars after going from weekly desserts, to one or none a week, BE CAREFUL. Froyo for me is a danger zone now. Post-challenge and I want something sweet, it's time for my one a week (still habit) and I go for it. And then after I'm done, I want chocolate…I'm sorry, NEED chocolate…immediately. In a sheer act of desperation I almost went to Grand Central just to get a black & white cookie and then come home. Or thought about going to the A&P for one huge cookie and leaving. Then I thought about how ridiculous that would be. I'm not going to confess what I actually did in lieu of following through on these options, but I will tell you it was bad. So exercise sweets with caution from now on.

7. Guilty, or Not Guilty? – One thing that's nice about livin' the post-50DC life, is that while you know you can have sweets, you're still empowered with the choice to act (or not act) on the craving. Whether it's your weekly or nightly splurge, the challenge is over. You can have it. But do you want it? Better yet, do you really need it? If you go for it, that's ok. But moderation. Portion control. All of these factors play a role. And it's nice sometimes to feel that guilt. Allow yourself to indulge yes, but if you're going to splurge, I abide by Bob Harper's Skinny Rules, in that your splurge for the week should be planned…or else it can be quite costly. Calorically, that is. Case and point. Me. Number 6.

8. Simple Truth: Your Love of Sweets Never Goes Away – As Gavin Rossdale said it, “love remains the same.” Granted, he wasn’t talking about sweets. Leave that to me. Meaning, you can expect 50DC to result in a change in habits and lifestyle, to a degree, but don’t expect that limiting your intake of sweets/sugars so drastically will completely dissolve your appetite, love, and or craving for them. If you think you’re the exception to the rule, walk out the door, Gloria Gaynor. Go on now, go.

9. Lifestyle…Changed! – Doing the 50 Day Challenge became more than just a challenge lasting 50 days. It became a lifestyle change, just as much as eating cleaner became a part of my routine. And with that being said…

10. Post 50 Day Weight, Worth the Wait – It was all worth it!! Since the challenge–and now half-way into my 8th week of dieting–I’ve lost a little over 10 pounds, 2.5 inches off of my lower waist, and 1 inch off of my high waist. I’m noticing more tone in my arms too (watch out Jennifer Aniston). And I couldn’t be happier. 🙂

My realistic hope is to lose another 15 pounds–and see where I’m at then. But with achieving that goal, comes sacrifice. I’lll need to make some additional changes to my diet–within reason, of course, considering my weekly hours spent running outside, cross training indoors, and lifting at the gym. I have to make sure my body gets the calories, proteins and nutrients it needs. Because my health is something I can’t sacrifice. The changes will entail cutting down my calories slightly more, managing my dessert and sweet splurges, defeating the battle against my late-night snacking (i.e., my addiction to 1 tbsp. peanut butter, 1/2 bag of 94% fat free butter popcorn, rice cakes and pretzel rods), perhaps getting a food scale of some sort to better portion my servings of protein (i.e., meat/beef, fish, chicken), and focusing more on consuming leaner meats.

Losing weight isn’t easy. We all say we want to, over and over again, but it takes that first step of commitment to turn the thought of dieting into an action plan. This is about the only scenario where I’ll outright say, I LOVE TO LOSE, ha. You look good, and when you’re dieting a healthy way, and forming “cleaner” habits, you feel good too! Physically, mentally, emotionally, that’s where I’m at right now–I’m in a good place. Call me Content Connie. Happy Hannah? Whatever you’d like.

I have a long way to go. There will be “off” days, great days, “splurge” days, and sacrifices, but most of all, I have to remember this:
Katie and the 50 Day Challenge taught me that I can do it. In impossible, I only see possibility. Let that mindset be my motivation.

And for Dessert…
I’ll Leave You on a Sweet Note.

To Brownie: I can’t thank you enough for getting me to do the challenge. I honestly couldn’t have done it without you–I wouldn’t have lost this weight, I wouldn’t have strived to eat clean, I wouldn’t have wanted the fit lifestyle to the point that I do now. Thank you for the encouragement and support–from field hockey, to the 50 Day Challenge, and all throughout our friendship in between. You are the absolute best I love you LFM!!!

And that’s the way my cookie crumbles. I hope you “enjoyed each small bite.” 🙂

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Vegan Tuna Salad

guess who’s back?! Rachael!! As I’m on my way home from Michigan (BOOOO!) I figured I would give you guys another guest post to look forward to. She did me a huge favor and wrote up another guest post for me 🙂

Hello there, The Little Spoon Blog readers! I’m Rachael, I blog at Ready to Get Sweaty, and I’m so excited to post here today while Katie is relaxing and soaking up the sun.
For today’s post Katie told me I could write whatever I wanted, so that means you are getting one of my new favorite recipes, Vegan Tuna Salad. When I made the decision to become a vegetarian 4 years ago I knew I’d miss chicken salad, egg salad and more recently tuna salad (I recently added fish to the list of things I don’t eat). Until a few months ago I haven’t been able to find anything that resembles the tasty “salad” sandwiches I used to crave. So whether you are a vegetarian, vegan or hearty meat eater, I hope you give this yummy recipe a try.
Vegan Tuna Salad
1 can (15 oz) chickpeas
2 celery stalks
2 T relish (I like the one with mustard and relish – it adds a little something extra)
2 t nutritional yeast
1 T soy sauce
2 T vegan mayo (you can most certainly use regular mayo)
1 T spicy mustard (optional)
Black pepper (to taste)
  1. Pulse chickpeas in a food processor a few times, but be careful to not puree them, just slightly mashed.
  2. Chop celery and combine in bowl with chickpeas.
  3. Add remaining ingredients, stirring to combine.
  4. Add black pepper to taste, stir, and ENJOY!
Another option is to omit the relish and substitute fresh herbs, such as dill, parsley or even a fresh squeeze of lemon juice. I’ve even added in chopped carrots for some extra crunch. Use in sandwiches, roll-ups, lettuce cups, or serve as an appetizer spread for crackers.

Trust me, you will love this recipe!
Xo – Rachael

Looks like I’ve got a new recipe to try out.. maybe Meg (insert link) would be interested in tackling this recipe for her next healthy cooking attempt…

I hope everyone had a great week – I’ll be back in Buffalo soon and you can expect a new post from me in the next couple of days! Tomorrow is all about getting back to work and getting back into the swing of things.

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Cauliflower Crust – Guest Post

Where do I even begin?  Meg Malone, anyone that knows her.. loves her.  We first met as freshmeat.. I mean freshmen at our field hockey physicals.  We’ve remained friends ever since.

meg is the brunette to the left of me

flash back!

being silly with the other freshmeat.. I mean freshmen.

Meg recently started a blog and I get so excited every time it pops up on my Google reader.  We share allot of similarities (the most important ones in my mind) we like ice cream, play field hockey, are way more motivated when we have a goal we are working towards and typically mess up our recipes the first time around…

Hi, this is Meg! While Katie is out soaking up the sun, I am basking in the stifling city air of NYC! What an equivalent level of fun — but in all seriousness, I do love it here.  As I am right now between jobs, I have a lot of free time to explore, which I like to do by doing the completely free activity of running.

Now, if you visit my blog, you will know that I love to eat dessert. Yes, I am training for a marathon and my ice cream rewards help motivate me (and remind me of my beloved Vermont), but what you don’t see written is the large amount of junk I consume in between runs as part of my regular food eating.  It’s not that I don’t like eating healthy — I do! It’s just that my cooking skills are so paltry it is truly embarrassing.

Katie and I both played field hockey together in college, and I fully credit Katie’s athleticism with my ability to do the time mile each year under the required 7- minutes. If I wasn’t pacing myself with her, I probably would have just laid on the track. So, when Katie was looking for some guest blogs I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to rise to the level of healthiness that I associate Katie with, this time on the food end.

In a moment of extreme bravery, I requested a healthy recipe from Katie to tackle for this guest blog. She sent me this recipe and I knew I was in trouble when I saw the words “riced cauliflower” on the ingredient list. What the… To make matters worse, as I began cooking I actually did a search online for “What do a cauliflower florets look like?” which led me here. I was just making sure I was right (and I think the forest analogy to explain florets by user “Aricka” in this Yahoo Answers discussion thread is awesome).

Earlier at the grocery store today, I literally had no idea what makes a good cauliflower. I guess I could have asked, but I also feel like my attempts to buy produce in the city have often been spotty. I actually think I may have picked a bad cauliflower because it didn’t all look the right color once I actually got it home, so I just kind of chopped off parts and threw the rest in the food processor.

I hope this turned out correctly, and even if it didn’t, let’s pretend it did because I also somehow managed to burn the cauliflower while cooking it in the microwave. Yikes, Meg — it’s a MICROWAVE. Alas, even that proves too challenging for me.

I also saw this recipe called for garlic salt. I checked to see if we had any (unlike me, my roommate is a very good cook) and we did not, but we had garlic powder.  I consulted the Internet again, directed to the Yahoo! Answers discussion thread conveniently titled “Garlic Powder vs. Garlic Salt?”  — and the question was actually asked by a user named “Megz” so it was basically reading my mind. Based on what I gleaned from the voted-upon “Best Answer” from user “Old Punk Dad” (no picture provided), it seemed okay to pour half salt and half garlic powder into the spoon and voila, garlic salt (garlic salt?.JPG)

Moving on! The dough was now made and I spread it out on the pan.  It said to cook the dough 15 minutes, but after about 8 it already looked like it was burning, so I made the executive (chef) decision to take it out to put on toppings. Now, I don’t cook any meat-based meals ever because I don’t trust my ability to thoroughly cook them, so sadly I didn’t have any grilled chicken for my pizza. Instead, I went the veggie route, with some sliced green peppers, sliced tomatoes and some extra chopped garlic. It kind of started cooking on top of the stove from the heat, but I still popped it back in the broiler while I finished doing dishes (reason 21394 I don’t cook food… So. Many. Dishes!). When I took it out, at about 6:46 p.m., the inevitable happened — BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. Yes, my smoke alarm went off. Please witness this chat exchange with my boyfriend:

me:  hahaha the smoke alarm finally went off
 Zachary:  well that was bound to happen

Nobody has any faith in me (though clearly I have none in myself either). Also maybe I shouldn’t have been carrying on online conversations while I am cooking — I know I don’t see that happening on Top Chef. Anyway, the smoke alarm had gone off because of me as recently as last week when I was attempting to broil some squash, so I was ready to address the situation promptly. With the smoke alarm issue was resolved and this is what was left to cool on top of my stove.

On to the eating! The thing I am best at! The food itself was actually quite good – probably not really in thanks to my individual preparation of it, but it was an interesting take on dough, and all said and done, it wasn’t nearly as burnt as I thought. I ate the entire thing and in retrospect, I hope serving-wise it was actually meant to be eaten by one person.

All in all, I must say my foray into healthy cooking wasn’t nearly as traumatic as I thought, plus who doesn’t love a few obstacles along the way for storytelling purposes? As I keep following Katie’s healthy exploits on her blog, I will continue to be inspired and maybe, just maybe, I will cook for her sometime when she comes back from vacation (get excited!!!!!).

Seriously, how great is this girl?  If there is ever a blog you need to follow, this witty girl is perfect for you.  Besides, who doesn’t like to talk about ice cream?!

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Tone It Up – Guest Post

Today’s guest post comes from Rachael, who I have been in contact to because of Foodie Pen Pals – you can see our exchange here.    We sent several emails back and forth and once I discovered she was a part of the Tone It Up Team I had so many questions for her!  She’s done me a favor by writing a little bit about it to share with all of you!

Hello The Little Spoon Blog readers!  I’m Rachael, I blog at Ready to Get Sweaty , and I’m so excited to post here today while Katie is relaxing and soaking up the sun.  I “met” Katie through Foodie Penpals (isn’t it just the greatest) and through our correspondence found out that she too loves Tone It Up (TIU).

What is Tone It Up?

First off, Karena and Katrina (K&K) are both certified personal trainers and nutrition coaches.  While they refer to their Nutrition Plan as a diet, the members (including myself) think of it as more of a lifestyle change.  The full TIU Nutrition Plan is $149, which I know is a bit pricy for most people – myself included.  Although, I must say that some of my favorite aspects of the TIU plan are completely FREE.  Yes, I said FREE!!!   And these are what I want to share with you today.

Fitness Tips

Booty call – If you Google “Tone It Up” one of the first things to pop up is the phrase ‘Booty Call.’  This isn’t your typical ‘booty call,’ I promise ;).  On the plan K&K challenge members to set their alarms for 30 minutes earlier than usual, put on sneakers and get their heart rate up to about 110-120 beats per minute.  This can be anything from a brisk walk, jog, low impact kickboxing DVD, toning moves, or even a high intensity interval training workout (HIIT) – seriously ANYTHING!  Science shows that people who exercise first thing in the AM burn a higher percentage of fat and are more likely to eat better the rest of the day.  I love BOOTY CALLS and for an extra burst of motivation I wake up to this saying everyday…

Go on now set your alarm, you know you want to!

Toning – If you couldn’t tell from the name TIU is all about TONING.  Weight training is amazing for women who want muscle tone for a number of reasons: (1) it increases your daily metabolism, (2) prevents injury and pain, and (3) increases muscle tone.  K&K post a new toning video every Tuesday (Tone It Up Tuesday) on their YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/toneitupcom/).  Each video also comes with a printable routine, so you could even take it to the gym with you.  I often find myself incorporating many of these videos into my daily workouts whether I want to focus on arms, abs, legs or just a full body workout.  I mean who wouldn’t want to do a workout with a tile like “She sells sea shells by the seashore” or “COWABUNGA”.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)HIIT workouts have become a popular way to lose weight and a great way to improve speed and endurance. They consist of bursts of high intensity activity combined with short periods of lower intensity.  HIIT routines offer a lot of variety and you get an effective workout in about half the time.  Google “HIIT” and you will find a number of jogging, walking, and even cardio routines you could do at home.  There are various levels of HIIT workouts, so be sure you find something you are comfortable with.  Also, be sure you are not over exercising.  HIIT workouts shouldn’t be done every day.  I typically do them 2-3 times a week.  My favorite at home HIIT workout is actually from the TIU Beachbabe DVD.  It is 15 minutes of intense cardio (burpees, squat jumps, etc) mixed with toning moves.  If you don’t have the DVD and don’t want to spend the money on it here are some other HIIT routines:

–       5 minute warm up.  8-12 intervals of 30 seconds sprinting and 60 seconds jogging / running at a normal pace.  5 minute cool down.

–       5 minute warm up.  3 minutes at level 7; 2 minutes at level 4 – repeat 8 times total.  5 minute cool down.

–       5 minute warm up. 60 seconds at level 8; 2 minutes at level 2 – repeat 8 times total.  5 minute cool down.

Nutrition Tips

Protein pancake – One secret weapon on the plan is the protein pancake.  This pancake is low carb, low fat, and seriously delish!  I eat a version of it almost every day (no lie!).  Give it a try, you won’t regret it.  Although I should warm you, flipping it does take practice :-).

Water – We all know that staying hydrated throughout the day is extremely important.  On the TIU plan K&K stress the importance of drinking 1/2 your body weight in water throughout the day.  That means if you weigh 150 pounds you better be drinking 75 ounces of water a day.  You don’t just have to drink water, feel free to substitute it with some Zico coconut water – the TIU girls love their Zico – as well as Kombucha.  I never tried coconut water before starting the TIU plan and now I’m addicted.  If you haven’t tried chocolate Zico yet – go out and buy it right now!  You will thank me later, I promise! You can also try putting fresh fruit in your water (e.g., strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) to naturally flavor it or even mint leaves with stevia.

Lean, Clean and Green – Another secret weapon on the plan is eating lean, clean and green.  This means no heavy white starches, large portions of cheeses, chemicals (i.e., fake sugars) or fried foods.  This does mean tons of veggies, fruit, non-processed foods, nuts/seeds and desserts.  Yes, I said desserts.  Healthy doesn’t mean depriving yourself.  For example, one of my favorite after dinner treats is an apple sprinkled with cinnamon and stevia and then microwaved for about 30 seconds.  I also like blending frozen bananas or fruit with frozen ice cubes made of almond milk and greek yogurt – it’s a great summer treat.  Some of my favorite Tone It Up recipes are:

–       Garbanzo Bean Patties

–       Peanut Butter Balls

–       Turkey Chili – I substitute the turkey with meatless crumbles


One thing I love about TIU is that you don’t need to purchase the plan to be a part of the community. With the TIU community you get to take advantage of the encouragement you get from the community members.  The team is full of supportive individuals (mostly women) that all have the same goals of becoming healthy or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  You can also connect with other TIU members and nonmembers online through Twitter and Facebook.  The ability to connect with others that share the same goals has been a HUGE part of my success over the past few months.  It helps you realize that you aren’t alone in your goal to be a healthier, happier you!  There are also a number of groups that plan meet-ups for workouts.  For example, a bunch of TIU girls in Boston are getting together next month for a private yoga session – we call ourselves the Bostoned GroupJ.  I’ve met a bunch of great girls through TIU that I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Also, if you go to the TIU webpage you can sign up to receive a newsletter which includes free weekly check-ins from K&K, free workout routines every Tuesday, free healthy recipes, and much more.

Well that about sums up my favorite FREE parts of TIU.  If you have any questions about the plan please feel free to e-mail me at readytogetsweaty[at]gmail[dot]com.  Thanks you again Katie for letting me guest post.

Xo – Rachael

I’ve followed Karina, Katrina and Tenley (Bachelor fans anyone?  I was a HUGE fan of her) who all follow the plan.  So many times I have thought about purchasing the gfree TIU plan but just haven’t committed to it yet.  After Rachael’s post I’m just that much closer to buying it!

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