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My best friends wedding.

September 29th – the day my best friend got married. Crazy right?! Last year, Lisa asked me to be her Maid of Honor and it was an absolute blast. If all weddings are like this I am totally in! Lee was the easiest and most laid back bride I’ve ever been around. I only have the photos that other people took and shared with me — hopefully the professional photos come out soon so I can sneak a peek at them!! I am so unbelievably happy for Lisa and Rickey and I wish them nothing but the best. I love you both!












For those of you who asked, (more specifically my college friends who are curious) here was my MOH speech‚Ķ enjoy ūüôā

Hi everyone!
First of all I’d like to thank Lisa and Rickey for including me and everyone here on their special day; I could not be more thrilled to be here. Also, a special thanks to Al and Sara, Mr. and Mrs. Dojnik for making this all happen.

For those of you who may not know me, I’m Katie, Lisa’s maid of honor. I’d like to credit my mom, Sue and Lisa’s mom Sara for our friendship. Our moms are best friends and pretty much forced us to hang out when we were younger and we quickly became friends. Growing up with a best friend who didn’t live in your town was difficult but allowed for a special bond between the two of us that we still have to this day. I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when my best friend started to date someone who lived a quarter mile from my house. She was around way more, I’d like to think it was for me‚Ķ but we all know it was to be with Rickey.

Some of my favorite childhood memories with Lisa include crayfish hunting in murder creek, walking to Nick’s to get our candy cigarettes and 25 cent brown paper bags full of sour patch kids, Christmas tree hunting with our families, summer days at the a frame on Bradley Brooke, ice skating on the rink that Al made in the back yard and the time we were finally old enough to walk to the hollow to get ice cream by ourselves and we barely made it 300 yards before we saw a giant snapping turtle and ran home screaming. I swear, still to this day no one believes us.

But out of all the activities to choose from, one of Lisa’s favorite things to do when we were at her house was to pull out her multiple bins of Barbies behind Al’s brown recliner. We would play with Ken and Barbie for hours. For those of you who knew Lisa growing up, you know that this is no exaggeration. They were like her prized possessions. In fact, I bet that those bins of Barbies are safely stored away somewhere at the Bathory household.

It wasn’t until Lisa asked me to come to her final dress fitting a few weeks ago and she put on her veil and turned towards me as if to ask what I thought and I was speechless. Just this morning while getting dressed in Lisa’s childhood house – it brought me back to those Barbie doll days. Except we weren‚Äôt playing with the Barbies this time ‚Äď Lisa was marrying her real life Ken.

– Rickey, I’m sure it comes as no surprise but you make Lisa the happiest girl in the world. I hope you take care of her like she did her dolls‚Ķ.except please don’t keep her in a bin and store her away. I mean things like eat cheerios for dinner with her when she doesn’t want to cook anything, let her ‘accidentally’ bump you at 6am on a Saturday morning because she’s wide awake and bored, make sure she’s shut all of the doors after a night of drinking‚Ķ. but most of all‚Ķ. continue to love her like you have for the past 7 years.

I‚Äôd like to toast to the bride and groom – Lisa and Rickey, the new Mr. and Mrs. Dojnik or as I’d like to think of them‚Ķ Barbie and Ken 2.0

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Let’s Get Real

Over the past couple of days I have really been struggling. ¬†Well that’s a lie. ¬†The past couple of weeks, maybe even longer. ¬†I’m tired of feeling tired and lethargic. ¬†I spent some time reflecting on my lifestyle, how things have changed over the past year and how much I really need to focus on my health. ¬†I am a sweets lover. ¬†Hands down could eat chocolate, ice cream, skittles and anything related all day everyday and probably not get sick of it. ¬†I follow allot of blogs that focus on good, clean food. ¬†No special diets or food restrictions, just everything in moderation. ¬†I want to be like that. ¬†So that is exactly what I am doing.

I love good for me food, so why would it be so difficult, right? ¬†Wrong. I have to make a conscious effort to eat right. ¬†And at the end of the day I should. ¬†We all should. ¬†It’s important to fuel our body correctly. ¬†You only have one body, you better take care of it. ¬†Instead of having ice cream for breakfast if it’s in the house I’ll go ahead and make myself something more nutritious. ¬†That’s my goal. ¬†By this summer I’m hoping that after a while of making smart choices it will become second nature to me.

That being said, I would love to hear any advice or suggestions you have! ¬†Please share them with me ūüôā

What I Ate Wednesday

8:00 – Breakfast – I had gfree bread, a slice of white cheddar cheese, egg whites and 2 pieces of turkey bacon. ¬†Around 9:30 I had a yogurt with a nature valley honey and oats bar. ¬†Oh and I had green tea ‚̧

12:30 – Lunch – Left over salmon and risotto from dinner with Lisa last night (HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEE LA <– my best friend since she was born. ¬†Initially because our moms are best friends, but now because we actually are best friends). ¬†And when I got back to work after lunch I had some sugar snap peas. ¬†I am obsessed with sugar snap peas and have a few handfuls several times a day. ¬†I can’t help it!

3:30 ish Afternoon snack – I was actually craving pistachios which I don’t have any currently (the horror!) so I had some turkey and an apple. ¬†A little while later I had a little experiment…I bought these the other day with my mom and I had high hopes from them. ¬†I thought that maybe this would help my chocolate cravings, but it tasted like butt. ¬†I’m also thinking that maybe because I used almond milk and not regular milk I was expecting something else. ¬†Nonetheless I gave the straws to a coworker who says his kids love them. ¬†ps. check out my cup! ¬†It’s changes color with cold liquid. ¬†Pretty cool right?! Its called a mood cup and my work sells them which means I get to sample one here and there. ¬†Score.

6:30 – Dinner – I was finally home to sit down and have dinner with my parents (growing up my mom, dad, sister and I had dinner at the table every night and it’s something I hope I am able to do with my family later in life – it forced us all to be together and talk on a daily basis). ¬†Tonight we had pork chops, green beans, squash (another favor) and cottage cheese. ¬†Delish!

Tonight I was able to sit down and watch some tv and just relax.  Also.. no night would be complete without a little sweet right?  Well I kept it at healthy as possible otherwise I would be a complete hypocrite to what I wrote in the beginning of this post.

Thank you mr. easter bunny!

Question of the Day – Have you ever struggled with your fitness or diet (I use the term diet as a long term eating plan, not some crazy restriction thing)? I’ve noticed that with age comes a changing body. ¬†When I was in highschool I had salt and vinegar chips and chocolate chip cookies daily. ¬†Ask anyone who used to sit with me. ¬†It was terrible! ¬†Now I eat healthy healthier and struggle with my ‘happy weight’.

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