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Cauliflower Crust – Guest Post

Where do I even begin?  Meg Malone, anyone that knows her.. loves her.  We first met as freshmeat.. I mean freshmen at our field hockey physicals.  We’ve remained friends ever since.

meg is the brunette to the left of me

flash back!

being silly with the other freshmeat.. I mean freshmen.

Meg recently started a blog and I get so excited every time it pops up on my Google reader.  We share allot of similarities (the most important ones in my mind) we like ice cream, play field hockey, are way more motivated when we have a goal we are working towards and typically mess up our recipes the first time around…

Hi, this is Meg! While Katie is out soaking up the sun, I am basking in the stifling city air of NYC! What an equivalent level of fun — but in all seriousness, I do love it here.  As I am right now between jobs, I have a lot of free time to explore, which I like to do by doing the completely free activity of running.

Now, if you visit my blog, you will know that I love to eat dessert. Yes, I am training for a marathon and my ice cream rewards help motivate me (and remind me of my beloved Vermont), but what you don’t see written is the large amount of junk I consume in between runs as part of my regular food eating.  It’s not that I don’t like eating healthy — I do! It’s just that my cooking skills are so paltry it is truly embarrassing.

Katie and I both played field hockey together in college, and I fully credit Katie’s athleticism with my ability to do the time mile each year under the required 7- minutes. If I wasn’t pacing myself with her, I probably would have just laid on the track. So, when Katie was looking for some guest blogs I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to rise to the level of healthiness that I associate Katie with, this time on the food end.

In a moment of extreme bravery, I requested a healthy recipe from Katie to tackle for this guest blog. She sent me this recipe and I knew I was in trouble when I saw the words “riced cauliflower” on the ingredient list. What the… To make matters worse, as I began cooking I actually did a search online for “What do a cauliflower florets look like?” which led me here. I was just making sure I was right (and I think the forest analogy to explain florets by user “Aricka” in this Yahoo Answers discussion thread is awesome).

Earlier at the grocery store today, I literally had no idea what makes a good cauliflower. I guess I could have asked, but I also feel like my attempts to buy produce in the city have often been spotty. I actually think I may have picked a bad cauliflower because it didn’t all look the right color once I actually got it home, so I just kind of chopped off parts and threw the rest in the food processor.

I hope this turned out correctly, and even if it didn’t, let’s pretend it did because I also somehow managed to burn the cauliflower while cooking it in the microwave. Yikes, Meg — it’s a MICROWAVE. Alas, even that proves too challenging for me.

I also saw this recipe called for garlic salt. I checked to see if we had any (unlike me, my roommate is a very good cook) and we did not, but we had garlic powder.  I consulted the Internet again, directed to the Yahoo! Answers discussion thread conveniently titled “Garlic Powder vs. Garlic Salt?”  — and the question was actually asked by a user named “Megz” so it was basically reading my mind. Based on what I gleaned from the voted-upon “Best Answer” from user “Old Punk Dad” (no picture provided), it seemed okay to pour half salt and half garlic powder into the spoon and voila, garlic salt (garlic salt?.JPG)

Moving on! The dough was now made and I spread it out on the pan.  It said to cook the dough 15 minutes, but after about 8 it already looked like it was burning, so I made the executive (chef) decision to take it out to put on toppings. Now, I don’t cook any meat-based meals ever because I don’t trust my ability to thoroughly cook them, so sadly I didn’t have any grilled chicken for my pizza. Instead, I went the veggie route, with some sliced green peppers, sliced tomatoes and some extra chopped garlic. It kind of started cooking on top of the stove from the heat, but I still popped it back in the broiler while I finished doing dishes (reason 21394 I don’t cook food… So. Many. Dishes!). When I took it out, at about 6:46 p.m., the inevitable happened — BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. Yes, my smoke alarm went off. Please witness this chat exchange with my boyfriend:

me:  hahaha the smoke alarm finally went off
 Zachary:  well that was bound to happen

Nobody has any faith in me (though clearly I have none in myself either). Also maybe I shouldn’t have been carrying on online conversations while I am cooking — I know I don’t see that happening on Top Chef. Anyway, the smoke alarm had gone off because of me as recently as last week when I was attempting to broil some squash, so I was ready to address the situation promptly. With the smoke alarm issue was resolved and this is what was left to cool on top of my stove.

On to the eating! The thing I am best at! The food itself was actually quite good – probably not really in thanks to my individual preparation of it, but it was an interesting take on dough, and all said and done, it wasn’t nearly as burnt as I thought. I ate the entire thing and in retrospect, I hope serving-wise it was actually meant to be eaten by one person.

All in all, I must say my foray into healthy cooking wasn’t nearly as traumatic as I thought, plus who doesn’t love a few obstacles along the way for storytelling purposes? As I keep following Katie’s healthy exploits on her blog, I will continue to be inspired and maybe, just maybe, I will cook for her sometime when she comes back from vacation (get excited!!!!!).

Seriously, how great is this girl?  If there is ever a blog you need to follow, this witty girl is perfect for you.  Besides, who doesn’t like to talk about ice cream?!

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