Bucket List

● Have my own dog ● Run a half marathon ● Be a wife ● Be the world’s coolest aunt ● See the salmon run in Alaska ● Figure out my goal weight and learn how to stay there ● Own my own land ●  Take a bike tour through Italy ● Learn to surf in Hawaii ● Sleep in a tree house ● Contribute something positive to the world ● Make a good living with a “Thank-God-It’s-Monday” fulfilling job ● Sit front row at a hockey game ● Be his bride ● Witness a beaver damn being made ● Watch a butterfly emerge from its cocoon ● Put together a family cookbook ● See part of the butterfly migration ● Visit Australia and New Zealand ● Go an entire day without the use of technology ● Have a drink with one of the writers of Modern Family ● Get a matching tattoo with my sister ● Learn how to use all of the features of my DSLR ● See a tortoise in its natural habitat ● Pretend for a night that I lost power ● Go to Ryan’s grave ● Create new traditions, while keeping old one’s alive ● Throw a block party ● Marry the person I tell all of my secrets to ● Plan my own wedding ● Take an African safari ● Go on a star-gazing date ● Kiss someone under the Eiffel Tower ● Have a wrap around porch ● Witness a wedding proposal ● Jump off a waterfall ● Take a cross-country road trip across the US ● Take a hot air balloon ride ● Throw a dart at a map and travel there ● Make someone’s wish come true ● Start a book club ● Do something that could get me arrested (but not get arrested for it!) ● Sky Dive ● Have a picnic ● Take the tourist “holding up the leaning tower of Pisa” picture ● Jump off a gorge ● Figure out my favorite book, movie, death row meal ● Reread the books we had to read in high school ● Have clothing custom-made in Vietnam ● Earn a raise ● Complete a triathlon ●  Make sure my family members really know how much I love them ● Learn sign language ● Host a big Thanksgiving dinner ● Grow a vegetable garden ● Learn how to bake a dessert that people remember ● Stand atop the Great Wall of China ● Learn to play the piano ●  Stand inside the Taj Mahal ● Run a race that raises money for something I care about ● Flip a house ● Be a mentor to someone ● Be a mother ● Write a blog that inspires people ● Go berry picking ● Become the person who follows through on all of my good intentions ● Zip line through a canopy ● Get a tattoo ● Spend a day performing random acts of kindness – feeding meters, shoveling walks, buying a round of drinks ● Learn CPR ● Attend a blogger summit ● Go a day without speaking ● Make something pretty ● Learn how to tie a tie, sew a button, scramble eggs ● See all 50 states ● Take a cruise to Alaska ● Go skinny dipping ● Be an extra in a movie/tv show ● Throw a fabulous party ● Dye my hair dark ● Be someone’s hero ● Swim with Manatees ● Promote my blog – and find ways to start doing giveaways! ● Go to New York at Christmas time ● Take a vacation with my mom ●  Go hiking ● Wine tasting at a vineyard ● Learn out to make my grandma’s lasagna ● Send a care package to a friend ● Learn to do the “smoky eye” look ●  Go to a country concert ● Meet local bloggers ●



2 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. I love this list!! Since I’m so back and forth about where I want to go on vacation, I want to try the dart on a map. And also, more importantly, I can teach you how to do smoky eyes!!!! 🙂

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